Skin plays a role as a boundary between external and internal, sensing the world outside of us. In this series, a polaroid camera as a less invasive tool captures the transition of Nakano’s grandmother Yasuko’s aging skin. The exposed film of polaroid can detach from the other plastic layers to mimic the fragile and thin texture of Yasuko’s skin and attain a presence of its own.

As we age, we can become too attached to detach from our earthly possessions that we have ceased to use and the memories of times that have passed.  Similarly, Yasuko drags them with her much as she does her own skin as it gradually detaches from her self. In a landscape that shifts everyday on an atomic level, she is consistently more detached from her own appearance.

Together the artist and her grandmother explored unnoticed areas of Yasuko’s body to examine how her skin drapes and stretches almost as a type of therapy to ease her concern of her wrinkles, increasing beyond her control and sight. Through this reflective process, Yasuko’s skin mirrors the artist’s own skin in the future.